5 Best Dumpster Safety Tips 

red, roll-off dumpster
Whether you’ve rented a 12-yard container for cleaning out your garage or a 30-yard bin for a remodeling project, safety should be at the forefront of your mind. Use these five dumpster safety tips to guide you through a successful, safe project with your dumpster.

Dumpster Placement

Dumpster Placement When it comes to home jobs, we usually place dumpsters on driveways because they are flat and level. We can place it close to your house to make it convenient as you make trips to discard debris. Take care not to ask the driver to place the bin too close to the entrance you use regularly. It could pose a risk to family and friends who are entering and exiting through that door.

Wear Protective Gear

No matter what type of waste you’re dealing with, you need to dress for safety. Hard hats, steel-toed boots, protective goggles, and/or gloves may be appropriate. Be aware that your rubbish and your dumpster may have sharp edges.

Operate Safely

Using a dumpster is pretty straightforward, but you should still make sure you are very cautious when operating any levers, hinges, latches, or locks. If you throw something in the dumpster by mistake, be very careful entering the dumpster to retrieve it, especially if there is a lot of junk in the bin. It’s best to stay out of the dumpster if you can. When it’s full, your container cannot have any items hanging over the edges or sticking out of the top. These are safety hazards and could fall when we are hauling your dumpster away, causing injury or property damage.

Children & Pet Safety

The appearance of an enormous dumpster in your driveway may be exciting for children and pets. But kids can be injured by swinging doors or sharp edges. Please keep your children away from the dumpster at all times. Pets are curious by nature. Avoid throwing any food waste in your bin that might tempt them to try to jump into the dumpster. Food waste can also attract raccoons and other pests that could pose health risks to your family. It’s best to throw any type of food in your regular garbage.

Fire Risk

Some of the debris you discard may be flammable. That makes your dumpster a fire hazard. Please do not smoke near the dumpster or discard cigarette butts, matches, lighters, or any other items that could start a fire in the container. At Simply Dumpsters, our customers’ safety is our priority. If you have any questions or would like to contact us regarding your dumpster rental, call 888-404-2202.
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