10 Tips to Make Moving Easier

moving boxes

Moving is a stressful experience. Whether you’re moving from an apartment to your first home or downsizing from a larger home to a townhouse, the moving process causes stress. Simply Dumpsters offers 10 tips and tricks to help make your move a little bit easier.

Dispose of Junk

If you haven’t used it in the past year, it’s likely you’ll never use it again. Whatever “it” is, toss it out or donate it. There’s no sense in bringing something with you that’s going to be unused in your new space.

Pack Holiday Items

Put all of your seasonal decorations in plastic totes to move. Store them in the totes in your new home, and you’ll be able to find and use them easily when the seasons change.

Change Your Address

Start with your mail. Go to the USPS website to change your address online. Remember that you’ll need to register your new address with your banking institution, employer, utility companies, credit card companies, insurance providers, and other financial agencies in the coming weeks.

Hire a Moving Company

You do the packing, but a moving company can do the actual moving for you. Read the contract carefully to ensure that you are following any special packing instructions they may provide.

Cover Hanging Clothes

Rather than taking all of the clothes out of your closet, folding, and putting them into boxes, simply cover them. Use contractor garbage bags to cover clothes right on the hangers — your clothes will remain wrinkle-free and easy to unpack.

Keep Track of Hardware

As you take things apart to pack, put screws and other small hardware into labeled sandwich bags for safekeeping. Then when you go to assemble things at your new home, you’ll have all the pieces at your fingertips.

Clean the Fridge

If you’re taking your refrigerator with you, you’ll want to empty, clean, and defrost it at least a day before the move. This will save you from a wet mess on moving day.

Clean at the New Place

A few days before moving day, clean up at your new place. Focus on your kitchen and bathroom — two rooms you’ll need immediately. Once clean, you’ll be able to unpack essentials in those rooms quickly.

Vacuum and clean floors before moving furniture in to save moving them to clean later.

Use What You’ve Got

Laundry baskets, decorative bins, and other containers may be used to pack items to cut down the number of boxes you require. Don’t forget to recycle moving boxes after you unpack.

Color Coding Is Your Friend

Color-code labels on your boxes by room. This allows movers to identify where each box belongs quickly. Label what’s in each box so that you’ll know what’s in it at a glance.

As always, if you are moving and have items to discard, call 888-404-2202 to speak with a representative at Simply Dumpsters. We can have a container at your location as soon as tomorrow!

Good luck with your move!

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