Safety Tips

Whether your dumpster is located on a construction site or at home, dumpster safety is crucial. Fractures, abrasions, bruises, and muscle injuries can easily happen if you don’t take care around these large containers. Keep workers and family safe with these tips from Simply Dumpsters.
dumpster safety tips, Simply Dumpsters

Flat, Level Ground

When choosing where to place your dumpster, make sure the section of ground or pavement is flat and level. This means less chance of the dumpster or its contents shifting during use.

Keep the Area Clean

Ensure that the area around your dumpster is free of debris, fluids, and other slip-and-fall risks. It’s especially easy to fall when carrying, throwing, or emptying containers into a dumpster.

Don’t Reposition Debris

Do not get in or on the edge of the dumpster to reposition debris. This includes attempting to compact contents by stepping or stomping on them. You could slip and fall into the container or items within the dumpster can break and lead to injury.

Watch the Weather

If it’s snowing or icy, shovel and de-ice around the dumpster. This allows for safe walking and negotiating the space when filling the container.

Make Room

Be certain that the area you’ve chosen for your dumpster leaves enough room to maneuver around. Having to twist to throw things in can result in musculoskeletal injuries.

Avoid Overfilling

When a dumpster is overfilled, you run the risk of debris falling and causing injury. If you need another dumpster, or to have your dumpster emptied and returned, just call us! We’re happy to help!

Even Weight Distribution

Try to evenly distribute heavy contents in the dumpster. If the heavy contents are all on one side, it increases the chances that the dumpster will become unstable or tip. Uneven weight distribution can also increase the risk of accidents when we pick up the dumpster.

Hazardous Waste

Do not dispose of anything that is corrosive, ignitable, toxic, or chemically reactive in your dumpster. Call us for information on disposal of hazardous materials.

Be safe when using your dumpster, and avoid injury. If you have any questions, contact Simply Dumpsters at 888-404-2202. We’re available by phone seven days a week.

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